How To Get Your Backlinks Indexed

I’ve had this question emailed to me 4 times in the last week, which leads me to believe this is something that many of you guys are concerned about.

Before I start with the many ways, tools/software available to do this I wanted to point out that I use none of them! (as I explained in my emails) I don’t do anything to get my backlinks indexed, absolutely nada!

Why? Because if the links are of good quality, coming from good sites, the search engines will find them, I promise you that! They will be indexed and more than likely re-indexed several times. If I’m building weaker links with software, I’m building on mass and if a percentage never get indexed then so be it.

The final point I wanted to make before getting into the meat of the post is to be patient.

According to SEO Sydney, if a link doesn’t show up immediately on whatever backlink checker tool you are using, then try not to fret, even if it doesn’t show up after a week or 2, don’t panic. These tools are by no means 100% accurate and a link building campaign should always be measured by the impact it has on your SERPS positions and not how many backlinks show up in your backlink checker tool.

Subscription Services

(Please note, none of the links to these services are affiliate links, basically because I have no clue on the effectiveness of any of this software!)


With the free version of this software looking as useful as a one legged man in an arse kicking competition:

It looks like your going to have to fork out $14.50 per month for a basic plan, or $54.50 for a pro plan. The pro plan will enable you to load 50k links per day (serious spamming!)


Lindexed is going to cost you $24.97 per month, which will allow you to add 50k links per day. (more than half the price of Linklicious!)

The 5 automated steps:

So again just simple pinging software.

Lindexed does boast about PingCloud on its sales page however “A unique feature that no other link indexing/crawling tool ever had” Wow, sounds impressive! PingCloud will apparently allow you to get multiple pings/votes from multiple countries making it all look super natural to google…yawn!


Backlink Energizer

Just so you know I hate this software already and I haven’t even tried it!

Most marketers are buying backlinks that will never index or count? Seriously? If you buy even a $5 link from a debatable site I can almost guarantee it will be indexed without the need to energizer it! Or is this sales page from 2010 and they are talking about buying Xrummer blasts?

Anyway, Backlink Energizer is a one time payment of $47 and a plugin. If it actually does what it says it will do (their are loads of graphs on the sales page) then you may actually save yourself a few bucks with this bad boy!

Backlink Booster

I love Backlink Booster, not because it’s going to get 100% of your backlinks indexed (I have no clue on that) but because it gives you the choice of 3 boost buttons:

You get a 5 day free trial, but after that prices seem very, very expensive! I’ve just fallen out of love with it…fuck your boost buttons!

Warrior Backlinks Indexer

Yep I’ve found another 1!

To be honest I’m running out of things to say, so I’m just going to copy and paste the pricing table and move onto the next!

Backlinks Indexer

Oh thank god! Someone has actually done a case study on this!

First things first the pricing table for backlinks Indexer:

And not surprisingly a case study which found their software got the highest amount of links indexed:

As you can see it compares with some software that I haven’t and I’m not going to mention on this post, that’s up to you to check out and get even more options.

Respect to the “Independent” marketer that conducted the research and published something decent. I have no idea when its from however and I think we all know how quickly things can change in SEO!


Its really no surprise that backlink indexing gigs are being offered on fiverr! I had a little scout around and found the following offers:

Mans Will Get 100,000 Backlinks Indexed

Seems like a pretty amazing deal to me, 100% positive rating by 44 votes as well. (Although please don’t take that as a 100% success rate of the links getting indexed)

Seller is using a premium lindexed account.

There are many more of these offers, just enter terms like “backlinks indexing” “indexing backlinks” “backlink indexer”     into the search bar over at fiverr.

Tiered Link Building

Yep, this will most definitely work. I think I’ve mentioned several times on this blog, I’m not a huge fan of tiered link building. I will occasionally build second tier links, but that’s as far as I go.

If you own and use the GSA software for this type of link building not only does it have an optional indexer as an extra, but also a “global lists” option, which allows you to build up a huge list of sites that you have previously posted to and great for indexing a large quantity of links. Social bookmarks could also be a great way to index your links quickly.

RSS Feeds

I found this on the warrior forum dating back to 2012. To be honest it sounds like a hell of alot of mindless, boring work that could be much better spent doing something far more productive, but hey, if your serious about this it maybe the way forward!

Links from post to save you time:

Bulk Ping – To Create RSS Feeds

Bulk Ping – To Submit RSS Feeds

Ping O

My apologies for the post! It’s probably one of the worst I’ve written, but when your hearts not into something, it’s difficult.

I love getting questions from you guys asking for advice, and will always try and provide free resources based around what your asking.

As I mentioned at the start getting my links indexed is something I just let happen naturally. If they are indexed brilliant, if they aren’t then no biggie, but I can almost guarantee that anything half decent, that is going to have an impact will be found, you just have to be patient!