Should You Use a Digital Media Recruitment Agency to Find a Job?

A few years ago I really struggled to land a job in the digital industry.

To be honest it was a pretty sad time for me. I’d been working from home on several projects successfully, when a Google update hit and wiped out my substantial monthly income overnight!

While I knew I could start again and still make a decent living from home, I knew I would have to get a job from 12 months in order to pay the bills, while re-building.

Entering the industry as an employee was a lot harder than I thought. Companies seemed disinterested with what I had achieved online, referring only to the fact I had very little experience working on client web design & SEO.

After many failed attempts at seeking employment direct employment I decided it was time to bite the bullet and seek the help of digital media recruitment agencies and it was the best thing I ever did.

As technology changes and software develop, so too is the world of recruiting, meaning that the application process, including the interview, can now be completed online.

The evidence is in favor of digital media recruitment, with 73% job applications successfully filed on social media and 42% of companies saying the quality of the person they’re employing has improved.

These agencies have all the contacts, know exactly who to speak to and are often made aware of job vacancies before they are advertised externally.

If you are searching for a position in the digital marketing industry, recruitment agencies simply can’t be ignored but instead embraced.



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