How To Protect Your Electronics From Moisture

Moisture is a dangerous enemy of almost all sensitive electronic equipment with different electronics requiring a different amount of humidity.


An inclement weather, mist, condensation, or steam are not good operating conditions for electronic and electric components.

Some conditions cannot be avoided so it is important to take measures to prevent moisture-induced short circuits.

Among the solutions that can be used are using technologist moisture protection sprays such as Ultra that has ingredients, which ensures that treated parts of electronics are protected against vapor, water sprays, effects of weather, and oxidation since it protects the equipment against leaking current.


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Adding a dehumidifier is also another option of safeguarding your equipment. Silica gel-based dehumidifiers are the better than other dehumidifiers that contain calcium chloride since it is a corrosive chemical.

One should minimize the probability of condensation in heat sensitive components of electronics, use humidity data logger to check dew point conditions and moisture hardening the electronics to reduce water intrusion.


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Simple techniques such as maintaining proper ventilation in the rooms with equipment are vital in safeguarding electric and electronic components.

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    Excellent article. I’m in the process of setting up a home cinema in my back yard and was wondering how I was going to protect the projector!!

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