SMS Trackers & Dashboard Cams Explained

Searches for the best SMS tracker or similar technology have been on the increase. This is coming at a time where people want to discreetly keep an eye on their partners, spouses, children, enemies and other mobile phone users. At the same time, major technological advances are being made in regard to SMS tracking and monitoring.

What is an SMS Tracker?

An SMS tracker is a set of programs or software that allow a user to secretly monitor SMS and other phone activities of another user. This happens in full view of the user while the person whose phone is being monitored has no clue. The software keeps the person tracking up to date on the targeted user’s activities such as the sent and received SMS, picture messages, Texts, location and much more.

How Does an SMS Tracker Work?

A SMS Spy or tracker works by gathering information from the target’s phone and relaying the same to another user. The system comprises of four main components; Target phone, Server, Internet Cloud and Control Panel. After installing the spy software or app, it starts gathering information from the target phone and stores it in a server that is hosted on the internet cloud. The Control Panel is the end user’s phone which has access to the targets information stored on the Cloud server.

What are The Best SMS Trackers?

Finding the best phone tracker for SMS is becoming more challenging as all kinds of apps and software are discovered. Nonetheless, there are some top apps that standout in terms of allowing a user to view the history, accessing the phone a contacts, taking photos, tracing other activities, good customer support and more. Notable SMS trackers include Highster Mobile, Auto Foward Spy and SurePoint Spy.

Tracking the SMS and other phone activities from another smartphone has become reality. All that is required is installing the right software or app.In addition to offering all the vital information in real-time, the best SMS tracker offers the user peace-of-mind.

What is a Dashboard Cam?

While SMS trackers are used to keep a close eye on partners and loved ones, dash cams are used to keep a close eye on other people on the road. They have become increasingly popular after many insurance companies started offering a discount on premiums for drivers with dash cams installed. The dash cam market has become vast with a huge selection of various makes and models on the market. My Dashboard Camera is an excellent review site, providing the latest news and reviews on the best dash cams on the market.

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